Evidence that heaven is a thing.

"Come live with me and be my love,
 And we will all the pleasures prove,
 That valleys, groves, hills, and fields,
 Woods, or steepy mountain yields.”

- Christopher Marlowe -


But I’m down for the night

Wanderer above the sea of fog (1818), Caspar David Friedrich / Lost in the World, Kanye West feat. Bon Iver


oh jesus christ I would fucking lay there and never be without contentment 

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A stunning high res photo of Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

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my sister is so cool

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some girl at a party shared her drink with me

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 An Isochrone curve is the curve for which the time taken by an object sliding without friction in uniform gravity to its lowest point is independent of its starting point. The curve is a cycloid, and the time is equal to π times the square root of the radius over the acceleration of gravity.

- A ball set on an Isocrone (or Tautochrone) curve will reach the bottom at the same length of time no matter where you place the ball, so long as there is no impeding friction.

[Gif] - Four balls slide down a cycloid curve from different positions, but they arrive at the bottom at the same time. The blue arrows show the points’ acceleration along the curve. On the top is the time-position diagram.


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still the best thing to come out of Australia

The last two are so beautiful I could just about cry.

If i don’t reblog this assume i have died.

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